Current Higher Education Leadership Students

Our Students

  • Holly Sisson
    Title/Organization: Undergraduate Athletic Training Program Director/Western Michigan  University
    Research Interest:  Athletic training management, concussions, student retention and success

  • Daniel Vainner
    Title/Organization: Associate Registrar/Grand Valley State University
    Research Interest: Athletic subsidies in Higher Education

  • Keenan King headshot

    Name: Keenan King
    Title/Organization: Assistant Director, TRIO Upward Bound Program, WMU
    Research Interest:African american men in higher education; transfer students; educational policy; educational administration; educational finance

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    Name: Michelle Rhodes
    Title/Organization: Associate Vice President for Financial Aid/Grand Valley State University
    Research Interest: Financial aid, low-income students, higher education policy

  • Name: Kyle Wigboldy
    Title/Organization: Registrar/Western Theological Seminary
    Research Interest:  Institutional effectiveness, enrollment management, records management, organizational change

  • Name: Jay Wise
    Title/Organization: Director of College Housing and Operations/Calvin College 
    Research Interest: Themed housing, living-learning communities, housing, programming, belonging

  • Name: Brianne Steele
    Title/Organization: Registration Worker/Macomb Community College
    Research Interest: Student affairs attrition, student organization advisers, student leaders, religious identity impact of students

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    Name: Alexia Alexander
    Title/Organization: Associate Director/WMU Financial Literacy
    Research Interest:

  • Katie Branch headshot

    Name: Kathrine Branch
    Title/Organization: Director of Simulation/Grand Valley State University
    Research Interest: 

  • Martha Paulina Campusano Rojas headshot

    Name: Martha Paulina Campusano Rojas
    Title/Organization: Professor/Instituto Tecnico Superior Comunitario
    Research Interest: Higher education students reading and writing skills, students self-awareness of their language skills, faculty development

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    Name: Soongmin Chow
    Title/Organization: Associate Director, International Admissions and Services/Western Michigan University
    Research Interest: International student experiences; trends in transnational education practices; quality assurance in higher education

  • Sara Clark headshot

    Name:Sarah Clark
    Title/Organization: Academic Fieldwork Coordinator, Faculty Specialist II, Tenure Track/Western Michigan University-Occupational Therapy Department 
    Research Interest:

  • Kelly Conrad headshot

    Name: Kelley Conrad
    Title/Organization: Vice President for Academic Affairs/Muskegon Community College
    Research Interest: Community college administration and leadership; change management and leadership

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    Name: Brian Dietz
    Title/Organization: Associate Dean of Students/Kalamazoo College 
    Research Interest: Higher education finance; student involvement in institutional governance; college student alcohol use; decision making in higher education

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    Name: Meredith Dodson
    Title/Organization: Assistant Professor-Writing Program Director/Olivet College
    Research Interest: Creativity in leadership; faculty development; program assessment

  • Lisa Garcia headshot

    Name: Lisa Garcia
    Title/Organization: Director/WMU Business Connection
    Research Interest: Latina community college leadership, educational technology

  • Katherine Giardello headshot

    Name: Katherine Giardello
    Title/Organization: Project Consultant/Michigan Center for Student Success
    Research Interest: Curricular articulation practices; state transfer policies that involve faculty; transfer and articulation as a systems issue

  • Tara Gish headshot

    Name: Tara Gish
    Title/Organization: Manager of Student Services, Recruitment and Outreach/Western Michigan University
    Research Interest: Women in higher education leadership; the interaction of gender, gender role, and occupation; Title IX, campus responses to sexual assault

  • Sarah Good headshot

    Name: Sarah Good
    Title/Organization: Couseling - Faculty Specialist II/Western Michigan University
    Research Interest: Retention and sense of belonging for students of color; professional development for white higher education employees serving diverse students

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    Name: Jessie Grant
    Title/Organization: Associate Vice President for Student Life and Success/Bemidji State University
    Research Interest: Administrator work life issues

  • Tomika Griffin-Brown headshot

    Name: Tomika Griffin-Brown
    Title/Organization: Assistant Director of Academic Advising/Western Michigan University
    Research Interest: Contributing factors of success for minority students at predominantly white institutions

  • Diana Hernandez headshot

    Name: Diana Hernandez
    Title/Organization: Director/WMU-Division of Multicultural Affairs 
    Research Interest: Experiences of senior Latina administrators in higher education

  • Name: Julia Virginia Pimentel Jimenez
    Title/Organization: Registrar/Universidad Iberoamericana UNIBE
    Research Interest: URE, automation of processes, curriculum design and implementation

  • Name: Jennifer Riggs
    Title/Organization: Respiratroy Therapy Instructor/Muskgeon Community College
    Research Interest: National board pass rates, how to improve them, is there something that leads to success on first time pass attempt

  • Name: Malia Roberts
    Title/Organization: Associate Director of Graduate Enrollment Services/Western Michigan University
    Research Interest: Professional staff development and mentorship

  • Name: Robert Robins
    Title/Organization: Senior Affiliate Professor/Grand Valley State University
    Research Interest: Educational Technology; hybrid-flipped class methodology; adventure tourism

  • Name: Ibrahim Rustamov
    Title/Organization: Doctoral Associate/Western Michigan University
    Research Interest: Innovations in higher education; program development; alternative credentials, prior learning assessment and competency-based education

  • Name: Kara Werner-Sanders
    Title/Organization: Head Athletic Trainer and Adjunct Instructor/Beacon Health System and IU South Bend
    Research Interest: Student identity and affect on education, assimilation, engagement

  • Name: Yvonne (Yuqian) Zhang
    Title/Organization: Associate Professor/Guizhou University of Finance and Economics, China
    Research Interest: Cross-border higher education

  • Nathan Nguyen 
    Title/Organization: Director LBGT Student Services/Western Michigan University
    Research Interest: Under-represented students with 2 or more marginalized identities and how they navigate predominately/historically white institutions (PWIs), impat on identity development, sense of belonging

  • Andriana Cardoso Reyes
    Title/Organization: Assistant Director-Institutional Accreditation and Planning/Western Michigan University 
    Research Interest: Minority serving institutions as models for best practices for SOC, institutional policies/processes impact on retention and graduation of SOC, family/community engagement in retention and persistence of SOC

  • Chris Sligh
    Title/Organization: Director, Office of Student Engagement/Western Michigan University
    Research Interest: Grit and resiliency for students of color in relation to a holistic wellness approach

  • V'Lecea Hunter 
    Title/Organization: Project Coordinator/Grand Valley State University 
    Research Interest: Recruitment and retention for minority students at PWIs