Current K-12 Leadership Students

Our students

  • Name: Nicole Peterson
    Title/Organization: Elementary Principal/Rockford Public Schools
    Research Interest: Adult learning theory, job-embedded professional development for principals

  • Jeremy Andrick
    Title/Organization: Doctoral Assistant/Western Michigan University
    Research Interest: The relationship between Instructional Rounds and teacher collective efficacy

  • Amie McCaw
    Title/Organization: Elementary Principal/Vicksburg Community Schools
    Research Interest: Personalized learning in K-12 public education with a whole child approach

  • Massiel Cohen
    Title/Organization: Director for International Assessments/Instituto Dominicano de Evaluacion de la Calidad Educativa (IDEICE)
    Research Interest: School accountability; education policies

  • Lametria Eaddy
    Title/Organization: High School Administrator/Grand Rapids Public School District
    Research Interest:  I am currently studying the relationship between the degree of implementation of PBIS and the dis-proportionality differences in school discipline broken down by demographic factors

  • Peter Grostic
    Title/Organization: Director of Professional Learning/Communications by Design
    Research Interest:  K-12 educational purpose and k-12 guiding statements

  • Pamela Schwallier
    Title/Organization: Regional English Learner Consultant/Kent ISD, OAISD, MAISD, AAESA
    Research Interest:  K-12 Educational Equity for English Learners - Perceptions and Readiness of Educational Leaders 

  • Kayla Stephens
    Title/Organization: High School Special Education Teacher/Greenville Public Schools
    Research Interest:  

  • Kyle Weener
    Title/Organization: 5TH/7TH Grade Teacher/Kalamazoo Christian School
    Research Interest:  

  • Faith Johnson
    Title/Organization: ELA Teacher/Saginaw Public Schools
    Research Interest:  Parental Involvement and Student Achievement

  • Dipsy Etanislao
    Title/Organization: Facilitator/Universidad Tecnologica SD
    Research Interest: Teacher practices in classroom, teacher learning, science teachers' practice, professional development

  • Beth Thompson
    Title/Organization: English Teacher/Kentwood Public Schools
    Research Interest: Restorative Practices; Project-based learning (STEAM); Mathematical thinking in an English classroom

  • Miguelina Coronado
    Title/Organization: Teacher/Saint Joseph School
    Research Interest: PLCs processes applied to schools in Dominican Republic; school effectiveness; student learning; teacher learning

  • Bill Dinkelmann
    Title/Organization: Self - PhD Sabbitical
    Research Interest: Secondary science teacher readiness to plan for, deliver, and assess Michigan science standards/next generation science standards

  • Stephenie Bruce
    Title/Organization: Building Principal/Battle Creek Public Schools
    Research Interest: The relationship between the degree of implementation of PBIS and the dis-proportionality differences in school discipline broken down by demographic factors

  • Marcela Maria Fuster de Hernandez
    Title/Organization: Principal/Bavaro Innovation School
    Research Interest: School improvement and teacher preparation

  • Kavonna Matthews
    Title/Organization: Assistant Principal/Battle Creek Public Schools
    Research Interest: 

  • Cary Stamas
    Title/Organization: Director of Career Readiness and CTE Director for CEPD 32
    Research Interest: Predictive models for students success in online coursework utilizing multi-level analysis

  • Nidia Beatriz Columna Perez
    Title/Organization: Director/Dominican Government
    Research Interest: Rural education - teacher preparation programs

  • Halima Ismail 
    Title/Organization: School Improvement Administrator/Grand Rapids Public Schools
    Research Interest: Teacher turnover in urban education, teacher support for novice teachers do not quit

  • Jessica Deckard Mann
    Title/Organization: Dean of Students/School City of Mishawaka
    Research Interest: Parent engagement in general and especially as it relates to higher educational outcomes for first-time college goers, early college/dual-credit