Specialist in Education Application Requirements

Application deadlines

Applications are reviewed on a rolling admission basis - (no deadline)

Note: There are no "conditional admissions" for this Ed.S. program.  Students must meet the minimum requirements noted below to be admitted to the program.

Application requirements

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Within this online application system, applicants for the Ed.S. in educational leadership must include:

  1. A professional resume or curriculum vita
    • This must include a summary of the applicant’s leadership experience.
    • Applicants must have at least three years of professional career or leadership experience.
  2. A written narrative
    • Applicants must clearly describe their professional goals and how this specialist degree program fits with those goals. If you are NOT currently employed within a school district, explain how you will have access to such a setting for various assignments, and to a mentor for your required administrative internship;
    • This narrative should be no more than four double-spaced pages and will be considered as a writing sample.
  3. Education history information
    • Applicants must have a master's degree from an accredited institution with a GPA of 3.0 or better as indicated on an official transcript.
    • Applicants must submit an official transcript from the institution from which you received your Bachelor degree, as well as a transcript from institution(s) where any graduate level courses or degrees have been taken/completed. Applicants are not required to submit an official transcript of courses taken/completed at Western Michigan University.

Applicants will be selected based upon meeting the criteria and fit to the program goals and objectives. The total number of applicants accepted will depend upon the quality of individual applicants as well as available resources to support students in the program.

Note:  General GRE scores are no longer required for application to this program.


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