Organizational Change Leadership Formats

three locations, flexible formats with photos of Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids campuses

The Organizational Change Leadership program is designed for enterprising professionals interested in developing new skills while advancing their education. Two formats are offered.

Traditional Format

With our traditional format, students design their own program plans from a catalogue of hybrid, face-to-face, and online classes. Hybrid classes meet one night per month in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, and face-to-face classes meet weekly in Kalamazoo. Students complete the program at their own paces. Some students prefer a more accelerated program plan and take two courses per semester completing the program in 2 years. Other students desire a slower pace and complete the program by taking one course per semester completing the program in 3 years. Most students complete the program by taking a mix of online courses and hybrid classes in Grand Rapids and/or Kalamazoo.

Course Schedule


For those students who aspire to complete the program quickly, a fast-track weekend cohort program is offered at our Metro Detroit campus in Clinton Township. Each September, a new cohort is launched and students complete the program in May of the following year. Cohorts meet face-to-face one Saturday per month from September through May. Monthly face-to-face sessions are supported with online learning from one session to the next.

During the Summer I and Summer II sessions, courses are offered in online and hybrid formats. With our cohort program students know right from the start when the program will end. All classes are pre-planned—students know when they will take classes and with whom. Students collaborate with experienced colleagues and build mutual academic, emotional and logistical support systems to advance through the program. In our cohort program, many students build lifelong relationships that aid in career development, professional growth and networking.

Cohort format - Course Schedule