Associate Professor Begins Fellowship in the Fall

Aug, 5 2015

Dr. Jessaca Spybrook, an associate professor in the Department of Educational Leadership, Research, and Technology, will be a Fellow of the Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness during the 2015-16 academic year.

During her fellowship, she will collaborate with Rebecca Maynard, University Trustee Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, and Larry Hedges, Board of Truestees Professor at Northwestern University, to launch the development of a registry of causal inference studies in education.  

The registry will generate evidence to support causal inferences about the efficacy of strategies intended to improve educational outcomes, regardless of study design. The key goals of the registry include improving research transparency, reducing and documenting the extent of publication bias, and facilitating meaningful synthesis of available evidence to inform current decision-making in education.  Funding for the project, including Spybrook’s fellowship, is provided in part through a $950,000 grant from the Institute of Education Sciences.