Assistant Professor publishes three articles in spring 2016

brett geierDr. Brett Geier, assistant professor of educational leadership in K-12 leadership, had three articles published in Spring 2016.

The first article titled, “Legal Issues to Consider Before your Next Fundraiser,” was published in a magazine named School Planning & Management. The article discusses how allowing fundraisers for co-curricular groups and teams has been a quintessential activity for public schools. Dr. Geier writes about how they build esprit de corps among the students and raise funds for activities and supplies that may not be available due to budget restrictions. In the past, these activities have seemed innocuous, yet they require tremendous planning to avoid legal violations. This article is a practical review for school administrators who are engaged in sponsoring and permitting school fund raisers. Read the full article here.

The second article is a historical and legal review of the federal government’s growing intrusion into public education, which is characterized as a state power. However, in the past 20 years or so, the federal government has provided incentives and penalties for not complying federal legislation impacting public education. The article is titled “The Federal Government’s Usurpation of Local Control from Public Schools: A Historical Analysis of Politics, Law, and Reaction” and is published in the Barry Law Review. Read the full article here.

The third article, titled “Michigan’s Public Educator Retirement System – On The Road to Bankruptcy: A Legal Analysis of Michigan,” was published in the Journal of Education and Finance. This article provides a legal analysis regarding the recent litigation surrounding the legislative mandate in Michigan to require public school educators to pay 3% of their salary to retiree health care. The teachers brought action against the state claiming an unjust taking and contractual violations guaranteed in the State and Federal Constitution. Parts of this contest are still be adjudicated currently.