Department Hosts School Administrators from the Dominican Republic

May 21, 2014

The Department of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology (ELRT) and the College of Education and Human Development (CoEHD) is hosting a group of 40 school administrators from the Dominican Republic during the week of May 17-24. These administrators are a part of an on-going training that began when two groups of trainers from WMU traveled to the Dominican Republic in late April and early May to conduct the first session of the training.

While the administrators are here they will finish their session and receive hands on training with technology such as the TeachLive Lab, which is only being used in 10 public institutions in the nation. They will also be exposed to differentiated instruction, and some of WMU’s bridge programs such as C.A.M.P. and Pre-college programs. While in the Kalamazoo area, trainees will have the opportunity to observe at several Kalamazoo, Portage, and Mattawan Public Schools, as well as St. Michael’s Lutheran School, and Woods Edge.

Throughout their stay, the administrators will be assisted by WMU student volunteers who are also from the Dominican Republic and will have the evenings to experience Kalamazoo’s recreational activities such as bowling, shopping, Air Zoo, and a dessert reception at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum.