Two monitors side by side with many windows open across the 2 screens

Double Monitors and Special Software

Yes, now in Waldo Library.

Over 25 public computers in Waldo Library now have two monitors. Your work can be spread out to view more whether you are doing spreadsheets or multiple documents. Look for them on the first and second floors.

Also, special software is now available on some of the dual-monitor computers. Some have the Statistical packages SPSS, Minitab, and Maple. Other dual-monitor computers have the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite, which includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and much more. Look for the labels or ask for directions at the Waldo Service Desk.

Native American mocassins with green and white beaded decoration.

Native American Heritage Displays at Library

November is Native American Heritage Month. In support of this, Waldo Library has three exhibits of Native American Art on display throughout the library.

Dwight B. Waldo, WMU's first president, supported establishing a museum collection at Western State Teachers College for the benefit of students and staff. He had a career-long interest in historical and antiquarian materials including Native American culture. More on beadwork, paintings, and weavings in the Library.

5 Million Downloads of WMU Research

ScholarWorks at WMU, the scholarly institutional repository of Western's research and creative works has reached a major milestone. People from over 230 countries around the world have downloaded over 5 million documents since its implementation in 2011. 

The repository contains many items produced by the WMU community: 15 journals published at WMU, student dissertations, more . . .

Libraries extends access for the visually impaired

The University Libraries has installed NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) on all 240 public computers in Waldo Library, Swain Education Library in Sangren Hall, Maybee Music and Dance Library in Dalton Center, and the Zhang Legacy Center; Archives and Regional History Collections.  NVDA is a screen reader which enables blind and vision impaired people to use computers.  Blind and vision impaired students can now take advantage of Waldo Library’s extended hours to use the public computers. If needed, use your headphones or there are several pair for check out at the Waldo service desk.


Collage of images that are part of the digital collections

Libraries put WMU on Digital Map

Eighteen unique WMU-held historical collections are now part of a national digital library database completing a large library metadata project. Images from WMU Libraries digital collections have been harvested into the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), a major online national library initiative. This makes our local digital collections more widely available across the US and globally. Topics range from beer and food to Civil War diaries to Medieval Manuscripts and midcentury - midwest photos.

November 30

Native American Heritage Month displays at library (final day) Three displays highlighting beadwork, paintings and artifacts, Waldo Library, first floor near Classroom A, second floor at Stairwell 3, third floor near rotunda, during library hours. Free.