Complete College Experience

Western Michigan University is the only comprehensive aviation program located in the state of Michigan. In addition to offering a solid aviation education, students who choose to attend WMU also engage in a complete university experience. Western Michigan University is more than a flight school or A&P factory: it is an educational awakening.

In addition to aviation, students engage in courses outside the slipstream, expanding their understanding and diversity of the world. Moreover, Western Michigan University offers students residence hall experiences, over 300-registered student organizations, aviation career events, Division I athletic events, and much more. When talking with industry leaders, the importance of a well-rounded aviation professional is consistently evident. Western Michigan University, not only provides a well-rounded education, the University excels at it.

University-Approved Bachelor of Science Curriculum

In addition to aviation courses, College of Aviation students also complete a variety of classes designed to expand their understanding of the world, improve their ability to communicate and work within a team and compliment their aviation curriculum. Students enroll in courses such as communications, mathematics, physics and more, which help to produce a well-rounded, knowledgeable aviation professional. All of these courses combined qualify the student to earn a Bachelor of Science degree.