Dwight B. Waldo Library

  • Outside Waldo Library building during the day in the spring with green grass and trees.
  • Outside Waldo Library building during the day in the winter with clock tower on the left.
  • Outside Waldo Library building at night.

Dwight B. Waldo Library is the University Libraries' main library and houses the materials classified in anthropology, art, aviation, biological sciences, business, chemistry, computer sciences, economics, engineering, English, environmental studies, foreign languages, geography, geosciences, global and international studies, history, humanities, law, literature, mathematics, medicine, medieval studies, physics, philosophy, political science, psychology, public administration, religion, sciences, social work, sociology, speech pathology, and technology.

Amenities offered by Waldo Library include best sellers, a new books area, lounge, faculty carrels, group study rooms, and quiet study areas.

Dwight B. Waldo Library Collections


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