Meet Aviation's 2022 WMU Presidential Scholar - Yewon Lee

Geoffrey Lindenberg, Yewon Lee, Dr. Raymond Thompson at the 2022 WMU Presidential Scholar designation
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WMU Aviation Presidential Scholar Yewon Lee

Yewon Lee has been recognized as the 2022 WMU Presidential Scholar representing the College of Aviation. On April 8th, 2022, she was one of just 50 scholars who were chosen from a class of over 5,000 seniors to receive the Presidential Scholar designation. This is the highest academic honor that WMU can bestow upon its undergraduates.

Dr. Edward Montgomery, president of WMU, spoke with pride about the Presidential Scholars saying, “We’re proud to recognize the Presidential Scholars for the commitment and demonstrated excellence that they have carried throughout their undergraduate careers. The faculty members who nominated these students did so based on their academic success, but also because of their character, resolve and talent.”

Yewon was chosen as a 2022 WMU Presidential scholar for many reasons. Of these were her top academic performance, her double major in Technical Operations & Flight Science, as well as her talent and dedication to learning which have been consistently demonstrated by her enthusiastic participation in her classes and production of high quality work. 

Perhaps most importantly though, Yewon was chosen for her character as an individual and as a scholar. Throughout her academic career with the College of Aviation, Yewon has engaged in her classes with a positive attitude; taking pride in her work and staying motivated even when facing challenges and tough moments. 

Her fortitude and initiative have positioned her as a leader amongst her peers and have served her well in her studies. Having the willingness to seek out guidance and support when necessary, helped propel her forward when working through tough concepts. It has been an absolute pleasure to watch this young scholar make a positive impact through her guidance and assistance towards others, not only in group project settings, but also as a resource to her peers. 

The College of Aviation is proud to have honored Yewon Lee this year as a 2022 WMU Presidential Scholar.