Current interdisciplinary Ph.D. in evaluation students at Western Michigan University are listed with their research interest(s).

Ruqayyah Abu-Obaidhealth evaluation in international development context and program evaluation

Karen Alexander—program evaluation

Jonathan Bartik—evaluating policy in education at all levels

Lyssa Wilson Becho—evaluation theory, research on evaluation, and accessible and useful reporting

Michelle Calco—program evaluation

Steven Dibble—program evaluation

Erica Dodds—program evaluation of nonprofits and internationally focused organizations

Cheryl Endres—user-oriented, collaborative, and appreciative evaluations

Gregory Greenman—program evaluation

Todd Harcek—public policy, international relations and evaluation theory

Jeffrey Hillman—evaluation capacity building, international development, SDGs, non-profit evaluation

Sabrina Holley—healthcare, public policy, and process evaluation

Ouen Hunter—evaluation methodology, organization and work environment

Aaron Kates—Refugee Nonprofits and NGOs, Environmental Evaluation, Infographics and Data Visualization

Michael Kiella—public policy, biomedical ethics and program evaluation

Miranda Lee—construct validity, valuing, human processes in evaluation, and evaluation of nonprofits

Tara Lightner—evaluation methodology

Thomas Lyzenga—program evaluation

Robert McCowen—history of evaluation, research design, measurement and educational policy

Nicholas Saxton—bioethics

Corey Smith—program evaluation

Lenore Yaeger—institutional interventions on student success and program evaluation