• Teryila Amough, Ph.D. 2017
  • Michelle Woodhouse
  • Stephanie Means
  • Abhik Roy, Ph.D. 2016
  • Stacy French, Ph.D., 2016

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Alumni success

Below are the names, graduation dates, current employment and Scriven number (if applicable) of some of our alumni.

  • Dr. Mohammed Alyami (summer 2013) Evaluation Expert, Tatweer For Educational Services, Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Teryila Amough (summer 2017) Independent Energy Evaluation Specialist
  • Dr. Ezechukwu Awgu (summer 2012) Assessment Specialist, University of the District of Columbia, Washington, DC
  • Dr. Brandy Brown (fall 2013) Consultant, Energy Market Innovations, Inc.
  • Dr. Thomaz Chianca (fall 2007) Senior Partner at COMEA Communication and Evaluation Ltd. and Research Methods Instructor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Dr. Chris Coryn (summer 2007) Associate Professor of Evaluation, Measurement and Research and Director of the WMU interdisciplinary Ph.D. in evaluation program
  • Dr. Anne Cullen (fall 2009) Program Officer, Fetzer Institute
  • Dr. Stephanie Evergreen (fall 2011) Director of eLearning Initiatives, American Evaluation Association; President of Evergreen Evaluation and Data, LLC
  • Dr. Jan Fields (spring 2014) Assistant Professor, School of Public Affairs and Administration, Western Michigan University
  • Dr. Stacy French (summer 2016) Assistant Fire Chief, City of Portage
  • Dr. P. Cristian Gugiu (fall 2011) Assistant Professor of Quantitative Research, Evaluation and Measurement, Ohio State University
  • Dr. Amy Gullickson (fall 2010) Senior Lecturer, Centre for Program Evaluation, University of Melbourne
  • Dr. Kristin Hobson (fall 2017) Accreditation Coordinator, Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Indiana University-Bloomington 
  • Dr. Alexander Manga (spring 2016) Assistant Professor of Management, Ferris State University
  • Dr. Krystin Martens (spring 2016) Lecturer and Coordinator of Online Learning, Centre for Program Evaluation, University of Melbourne
  • Dr. Wes Martz (summer 2008) Vice President of Marketing at Kadant Inc. and Instructor of Marketing at Western Michigan University
  • Dr. Pedro Mateu (spring 2015) Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Universidad del Pacífico, Lima, Peru
  • Dr. Stephanie Means (spring 2017) Program Manager, The Evaluation Center, Western Michigan University
  • Dr. Lindsay Noakes (spring 2014) Coordinator of Assessment and Evaluation, Kalamazoo Public Schools
  • Dr. Satoshi Ozeki (fall 2016) Assessment Officer, Miyazaki International College, Miyazaki, Japan
  • Dr. Nadini Persaud (summer 2007) Lecturer in Project Evaluation, and Program Coordination of M.Sc. Project Management and Evaluation at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados
  • Dr. Margaret Richardson (fall 2010) Clinical Interventionist, Children’s Trauma Assessment Center, Unified Clinics, Western Michigan University
  • Dr. John Risley (fall 2007) Grant Writer, Bronson Health Foundation
  • Dr. Kelly Robertson (fall 2015) Senior Research Associate, The Evaluation Center, Western Michigan University
  • Dr. Diane Rogers (spring 2014) District Numeracy Coach, Kalamazoo Public Schools
  • Dr. Abhik Roy (summer 2016) Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology, Department of Learning Sciences and Human Development, West Virginia University
  • Dr. Ryoh Sasaki (summer 2008) Senior Researcher at the International Development Center of Japan in the Department of Evaluation and Adjunct Professor at Saint Paul’s (Rikkyo) University in the Graduate School of Social Design Studies
  • Dr. Daniela Schroeter (summer 2008) Assistant Professor, School of Public Affairs and Administration, Western Michigan University
  • Dr. Fayez Shafloot (fall 2012) Director of the Evaluation and Standards Center, Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Michele Tarsilla (fall 2012) Independent Consultant
  • Dr. Gisele Tchamba (spring 2015) Founder and CEO, EMR3 Consulting
  • Dr. Willis Thomas (fall 2008) Associate Director of Learning Management at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
  • Dr. Tererai Trent (fall 2009) Adjunct Professor in Monitoring and Evaluation in Global Health at School of Public Health, Drexel University
  • Dr. Brad Watts (fall 2011) Assistant Director, The Evaluation Center, Western Michigan University
  • Dr. Carl Westine (spring 2014) Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
  • Dr. Kurt Wilson (fall 2013) President of Effect X
  • Dr. Lori Wingate (fall 2009) Director of Research, The Evaluation Center, Western Michigan University
  • Dr. Michelle Woodhouse (fall 2016) Assistant Professor, University of South Florida
  • Dr. Brandon Youker (fall 2011) Assistant Professor of Social Work at Grand Valley State University
  • Dr. Mina Zadeh (fall 2009) Associate Director for Policy and Communication at the Center for Disease Control’s Division of Emergency Operations, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services