WMU Employee Benefits

Sindecuse Health Center serves WMU employees as well as students. Benefits provided to employees of WMU can go further at the University's on-campus health center. 

A note about Healthy Blue Living Plans offered by Blue Care Network to WMU employees.

Sindecuse Health Center always supports informed choice in health care. The health center participates with many health insurance companies that cover students or WMU employees. All WMU employees are welcome to use health center services, whether covered by a participating insurance company or not.

Healthy Blue Living plans are part of Blue Care Network which does not participate with the health center to reimburse subscriber charges, except in the pharmacy, and seasonal flu shots. Patients who are covered by Blue Care Network are responsible for charges resulting from their visit to Sindecuse.

Western Michigan University employees, their dependents and WMU retirees covered by the University's PPO plan #007005281 enjoy these benefits:


  • Refill online or via phone and pick up at our drive-up window
  • Low-cost over-the-counter medications available
  • Deduct health center charges from your WMU paycheck


  • Schedule a same-day appointment as available
  • No out-of-pocket-cost immunizations
  • Western Wellness program visits

WMU Sports Medicine Clinic physical therapy and rehabilitation

  • Physical Therapy at no cost the BCBS PPO patients. OUtside providers may apply visit Same certified physicians who practice at community clinics
  • Bronco team physicians who treat WMU athletes
  • Convenient access to quick appointments
  • Orthotics and gait evaluation

Lab and x-ray 

International Travel Clinic

  • Prescribed medications available at health center pharmacy

Massage therapy

  • Convenient, on-campus appointments
  • Some visits covered by University insurance plan