Adjustments to Health Center Operations Start March 28

Sindecuse Health Center will be adjusting some operations starting March 28. Here are the practices that are changing:

Practice before March 28
After March 28
Telehealth visits for those with typical COVID symptomsIn-person visits for all medical care, unless provider decides otherwise
Patients asked to schedule telehealth for any COVID symptoms or exposure if unvaccinatedPatients asked to monitor and treat symptoms at home unless medical care is required using CDC guidance
Staff ask for WMU screening badge at check-in Visitors are asked to self-report any symptoms when checking in
Counseling appointments conducted via telehealthTransition to in-person counseling starts April 4. Counselors will work with individual students to set most appropriate appointment type going forward.
WMU verifies COVID vaccinationsWMU not verifying COVID vaccinations
Not offering booster shotsOffering booster shots to students
Positive COVID tests before March 28After March 28
WMU asks you to report positive outside test resultsWMU not recording or asking for positive outside test results 
Sindecuse report cases to Dean of Students, Res LifeDean of Students not gathering reports
Instructors receive confirmation from Dean of Students, RegistrarStudents report absence to instructors
WMU changes badge state to reflect isolation datesScreening badge not used, those with symptoms or exposure follow CDC guidelines or instructions from their provider

Telehealth visits transitioning to in-person 

Primary care and nursing visits will be fully in-person. Telehealth appointments are no longer required for any visit types, and are not offered.  In rare cases, your provider may determine that your visit should be telehealth. Counseling Services visits will gradually return to in-person service starting April 4. Counselors will work with individual students to set most appropriate appointment type going forward. Unless you are notified by a Sindecuse staff person, your visit will be in-person at the health center. Please arrive 15 minutes early to check-in. No-show and late cancel charges will apply.

Masks and screening 

Masks will continue to be required in common areas throughout main and lower floors including the primary care waiting room. Masks are optional in certain well-defined areas for employees and visitors who are fully vaccinated.  

Because this is a health care facility, all visitors are asked to disclose symptoms typically associated with COVID-19 to a staff person as they enter. 

Verification of immunizations suspended 

As WMU’s mandated testing program ends, health center staff are no longer verifying outside immunizations. Students, faculty and staff are no longer asked to upload COVID-19 immunization records. Patients can always check to see what immunizations we have on file by visiting their portal account and viewing the ‘Immunizations’ menu item.

COVID-19 vaccinations and testing 

WMU is still offering faculty, staff and students up to three no-cost rapid antigen tests through the end of spring semester. These visits will be scheduled at 10:30 a.m. or 2:30 p.m. as a drive-thru. To make an appointment for one of these tests, please call the appointment line at (269) 387-3287. 

No-cost COVID vaccinations are still offered by the nursing team, now including boosters offered to students. The health center will bill an insurance plan if one is on record.