Tell us your gender ID and pronouns

Alexa, play my Buster Bronc bust a move playlist. OK, playing your music loud.Sindecuse Health Center wants to meet every student and employee we serve as their True Self. We want to be able to call you by your name and use the gender identity you use. Our electronic health record is capable of saving and displaying this information for staff use during your visit.

We’re giving away two Amazon Echos with Alexa to make it fun and to encourage you to fill out the fields we use to identify you. Tell us your gender identity and pronouns and be entered to win a smart speaker.

Entering is easy

  1. Log in to the patient portal or follow the “make an appointment” link from the home page.
  2. Navigate to “Profile.”
  3. Add or edit your gender identity and pronoun. If you’ve already filled these in, you’re entered too!

Edit your profile and enter to win

Winners will be drawn at random on April 6 and notified immediately.

Changing your gender ID and pronoun on the health center portal only changes the records used by the health center. It does not affect records used by the rest of the University.