Sindecuse Health Center promotes choice and individualization of insurance purchases for Western Michigan University students. If you have questions about purchasing or using insurance, please call the health center (269) 387-4219.

WMU requirements

WMU has requirements for student health insurance coverage.

Purchasing insurance

A new health insurance exchange has been set up just for WMU students. Here you can compare health insurance plans and purchase coverage if you qualify for a current or upcoming enrollment period. Visit this private insurance exchange to gain access to a wide range of health care plans from several nationally-known health insurance companies.

Go to the insurance exchange for WMU students

  • Representatives are available by phone during extended hours to answer your questions about health insurance during the sign-up process.
  • Not all plans offered on the exchange participate with the health center. Review our plan participation list to see if the insurance selected is accepted at the health center. Ask before purchasing.
  • Participants gain access to round-the-clock telephone assistance. When you purchase health insurance through this exchange you’ll have automatic access to Health Advocate™, a 24/7 service you can call for assistance with anything from interpreting test results, to getting help figuring out your doctor’s bill, and insurance charges. Health Advocate professionals will take your call, find an answer to your question, and call you back.

In addition to this exchange, students may also choose to investigate coverage options on the insurance exchange or Healthy Michigan Plan websites.

Using insurance at Sindecuse Health Center

Patients may choose to use health insurance to pay for services at the health center or pay out-of-pocket at time of service. Out-of-pocket charges (including copays) may be paid for in cash, MasterCard, Visa or Discover card. WMU students may charge fees $1 or greater to their student account. All students should carry a copy of their insurance card, both front and back.

Out-of-state students

Students or their families who are not Michigan residents should notify their insurance company that the student will be attending WMU and ask if the student has coverage at an out-of-state physician's office. Sindecuse Health Center is not classified as an urgent care center.

  • Some plans are part of a national network, while others limit coverage to the home state only.
  • Check your policy for in- and out-of-network coverage details and restrictions.
  • Medicaid plans are active within the home state only—coverage does not extend across state lines.
  • Some international insurances require students to pay up front for medical treatment and submit a request for reimbursement. We will give you a detailed receipt to assist with your claim.

HMO insurance

  • Check your insurance card for “HMO”—Blue Care Network is one example.
  • Your HMO may require a referral from the student’s primary care provider to be treated at Sindecuse or other local providers. This requirement may include labs or x-rays, physical therapy, or other clinicians.
  • HMO coverage may be limited to in network providers; check your policy details.
  • You may pay a higher deductible or coinsurance for out of network providers if covered.

Before you come to WMU

Take time to understand your benefits:

  • Know what is covered, both in- and out-of-network
  • Let your primary care provider know you will be away from home
  • Find out how to get a referral if required
  • Ask if your plan offers “Away from Home” coverage for college students