Shingrix Vaccine Limited Availability

Due to an unprecedented consumer demand for Shingrix, this vaccine is being placed on limited supply status by the manufacturer. Sindecuse Health Center occasionally receives small quantities of the vaccine. Community providers are experiencing similar challenges due to the vaccine shortage. 

Patients that have previously submitted their prescription for Shingrix, or had it sent in by their primary care provider, may call the clinicial coordinator at (269) 387-3426 to be placed on a waitlist. To join the waiting list for Shingrix, have your prescribing provider send a prescription to the health center. We will schedule your vaccination in the order recieved. If you have already called or scheduled an appointment, there is no need to call again.

90-day Rx supply changes

Beginning July 1, some upper-tier brand name prescriptions will be limited to 30-day quantities. Diabetes medications and supplies will not be affected. This action is due to Blue Cross reimbursing pharmacies less than purchase prices for 90-day supplies. Sindecuse pharmacy can no longer absorb these losses and has joined area pharmacies in implementing this practice. For patients this affects, we will adjust the prescription to reflect the appropriate number of refills to meet a 90-day supply.

Gender Affirming Care

We've developed a gender affirming care practice to meet patient needs. With an integrated care model that addresses the whole patient, our providers guide and support patients with care that affirms their true self. Learn more about informed consent and community at our web page about this practice.

Measles Immunization

Measles is a highly-contagious disease prevented with a two-dose immunization called MMR vaccine. Learn more about the vaccine, your possible immunity, and how to get the immunization at the health center.