Medical weight loss program offers holistic, supportive approach

Contact: Joe VanDerBos

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Sindecuse Health Center is pleased to offer a medical weight loss program to the Western Michigan University community. The program starts Monday, March 13, and will be led by Dr. Carrie Sandborn, a physician board-certified in medical weight loss management who joined the health center staff in 2022. 

WMU’s health center created the program as a holistic approach to weight loss. During the course of six to eight months, participants will be supported by professionals from several areas of the University. The services are offered as a package and start with a screening visit to establish some baseline measurements and lab tests. A series of six monthly meetings with Sandborn follow and two sessions with a University Recreation personal trainer are scheduled in the first two to three months. Participants also attend two visits with Gretchen Kauth, a registered dietitian, to round out the journey.  

Sandborn has been working with patients who have weight loss goals for many years. She says, “I practice holistic medicine and provide holistic healthcare—patients who seek weight loss are most successful when they are supported by a group of professionals who can encourage them to make the behavior and lifestyle changes required. They see a real difference in their lives if they follow the program”.

Partners provide valuable support to program participants

Personal trainers from University Recreation create customized plans to support building healthy habits required for a successful weight loss program. Participants meet their trainer in the Sports Medicine Clinic training room at Sindecuse Health Center. Beth Northuis, University Recreation assistant director of fitness and wellness programs, says, “We know that physical activity is only one piece of the puzzle when supporting an individual's overall well-being.  Our personal trainers will meet each person where they are to holistically support you along with any behavior changes." 

Kauth has offered workshops and individual appointments to the University community for more than 20 years. Her focus on nutrition’s impact on a person’s well-being is well known and appreciated by WMU. She says, “My role is to help people develop and implement an eating pattern that provides optimal nutrition and long-term sustainability." 

The program is described in detail on the health center’s website. The page answers some frequently asked questions about program costs, timeline, medications that might be prescribed and expected results. Interested parties are asked to read the website then call the health center’s appointment line  at (269) 387-3287 to start the program.

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